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Own. Bought. Earned. is a digital marketing agency based in London and Helsinki. We are born from the client side, so we understand the business drivers and role of the marketing team. If you are serious about transforming your marketing to the digital age, please feel free to get in touch with us.


  • Strategy

    Whether you're small or big, your marketing actions should be based on a clearly defined strategy. Setting the current state, future goals, messaging, action plans, resources and key performance indicators, are important factors. Without them, how do you know which way to walk?
  • Training

    Marketers never stop learning. Kotler's theory is all good and dandy, but the world is not the same place that it used to be. The dynamic, connected market place is ever changing and so must your marketing be. Digital tools help you understand the market environment in real-time and we can help you master them.
  • Web Development

    Cloud based platforms are here to stay. This open and flexible approach helps companies to start digital operations in days rather than months + cost-effectively. O.B.E. is a manic supporter of the cloud and we have helped many companies to make the shift to better solutions.
  • Benchmarking

    Do you need some inspiration? Kick-off your creativity by analysing what your competitors are doing. Spice up those ideas with other industries innovations and voila, you may have a new approach to your marketing. Our benchmarking comes with multiple studies, visual examples, videos and recommendations.
  • Online Advertising

    Online advertising helps you to gain a wider reach but not necessary sales. When you plan the campaign well, execute it with the best platforms, and optimise it throughout the campaign – your success rate will go up.

Quick Facts

  • The average click-through rates for rich media banners are 100% higher than static banners (4% vs.2%)
    Mobile Banners
  • Goldspot media study shows that 38% of all mobile static banner clicks were accidental meaning people who clicked the ad spent less than 2 seconds on the destination.
    Mobile Banners
  • 57% of consumers made a purchase after receiving a mobile marketing SMS message
    Asia Pacific Consumers
  • 66% of Consumers stated they conducted further research on a brand and their products
    Digital Research
  • It is estimated that over 75% of online sessions start with a search of some kind. For a company to be visible in those search results, they must optimise their website structure, content and social media presences.
    SEO & SEM
  • Most online ads receive less than 1% click through rates. Companies must work harder to define the right keywords, find the right ad networks and spend more time with A-B testing to find the most effective campaign elements.
    Online Advertising

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